Provincial Grand Lodge of Midlothian

Lodge Royal Thistle No. 1338

The Royal Scots

11 Morningside Drive, Edinburgh
EH10 5LZ Tel: (44) 0 131 443 8993

Master: Bro. Gary A. Smith P.M./D.S.M.
Secretary: Bro. Glen C. Smith P.M. Tel: (44) 07722120530
Meetings: 4th Monday - September to April, at 7.15pm and 1st Saturday - May, at 4.00pm.

Constituted 7th May 1925 in Glencorse Barracks
Brief History of Lodge Royal Thistle
The history of the Lodge does not start in 1925, it started back in 1808. Originally the 4th Battalion of The Royal Scots raised in 1804 to fight Napoleon formed the first Lodge Royal Thistle in 1808, No. 289 on the Roll of Grand Lodge of Scotland, meeting in Edinburgh Castle. It was passed to the 1st Battalion after the 4th battalion was disbanded in 1816. From it`s first days, Royal Thistle worked in very close harmony with Holy St. John Lodge No. 11 of the Irish Constitution, which was the first military lodge to hold an ambulatory (or travelling) warrant. It is interesting to note that this warrant was issued to the 1st Battalion in 1732, four years before the formation of the Grand Lodge of Scotland.

In 1838 the Lodge was renumbered 222. Lieutenant G. Galbraith and Lieutenant Deucher, both exceptionally keen masons were instrumental in forming this Lodge. Lieutenant G. Galbraith was the Lodges first R.W.M. In 1845-47 a regulation was issued, forbidding secret societies and Masonic Lodges in the army. Thus it would seem the Royal Thistle Lodge died. There are no records of any new members being admitted after 1845 and the warrant was struck off the Grand Lodge of Scotland roll and its name added to the list of extinct Scottish Lodges in 1852 as a result of being five years in arrears.

The Lodge was perpetuated (revived) in 1925 in Glencorse Barracks (then home of The Royal Scots 4th Battalion) by the formation of the present Royal Thistle Lodge 1338. The first R.W.M. was Major N.H.S. Fergus D.S.O. O.B.E. It was suggested early in 1925 that a lodge should be formed for the benefit of serving and ex-soldiers of The Royal Scots and eventually local civilians of the surrounding area. So a petition for warrant was submitted to the Grand Lodge of Scotland on 7th May 1925. Charter 1338 was granted and thus Lodge Royal Thistle proudly raised its head.

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