Provincial Grand Lodge of Midlothian

Lodge Liberton No. 1201

60 Mount Vernon Road, Edinburgh.
Midlothian. EH16 6JQ

Master: Bro. Thomas J. Harvey
Secretary: Bro. David T. Anderson P.M. Tel: (44) 0131 531 4651
Meetings: 2nd and 4th Thursday - September to April, except 2nd Thursday in September
and 4th Thursday in December and April, at 7.15pm.

Constituted 6th November 1919
Brief History of Lodge Liberton
The Lodge was first formed within a year of the end of the Great War (1914-18), from Brethren who had become friendly whilst serving together in the local Volunteer Defence Corps. When the war ended, and the platoon faced disbandment, those who were Freemasons realised that the formation of a local Lodge would serve to continue their comradeship.

From 1919 until 1965, Lodge Liberton met in the Anderson Hall, belonging to Liberton Kirk (whose outline forms the Lodge crest) The Lodge then acquired a small hall in Mount Vernon Road Edinburgh, some 200 yards away, and, after extending the hall, has met there to this day.

Although many of the Lodge members are still drawn from the former villages of the Liberton and Gilmerton area, just as those villages are now part of the City of Edinburgh, so the Lodge has a much wider outlook and welcomes visitors from far and wide.

Should you require further information please contact Bro. David T. Anderson P.M. at:



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